WINNER 2017 Best Caterer in Williamsburg

Dear Friends, Neighbors, Voters and Customers, Winning the award for Best Caterer in the Best of Williamsburg 2017 contest is a heartfelt honor for me and all of the employees at Williamsburg Concessions & Catering. The Williamsburg community has always been supportive and generous to me and my business. This award is one more expression of the support that my business has received since it was founded in 2004. I am fully aware of the many delicious food and catering options in the Williamsburg area. We are blessed as a community with so many options because of the extensive tourist trade and college population. That there are so many food options available makes this award even more valuable because the contest voters had so many options to choose from. My heartfelt thanks to every voter for participation in the contest, whether or not they voted for Williamsburg Concessions & Catering. And my thanks to all of my wonderful customers, employees past and present, and to the entire Williamsburg community. My business never would have succeeded without all of you, and I look forward to serving you for many years to come. Sincerely, Cassie Whitney